Sunday, September 25, 2011

An Ode to the Love of My Life

I want to love you all the way. I want to love you regardless of what I’ve been through, what may be happening now, or in fear of our future.

I don’t want us to get caught up in those things we can’t change, but hold on to the reasons we found love on this journey in the first place.

 Our love is beautiful…your love warms me up while giving me chills, but also helps me keep my cool while making me hot…

Your love opens my eyes to things I never knew existed…..

Your love feels so good I can taste it…

Your love is made only for me….

Your love highlights my greatest qualities….but

Your love also discovers and uncovers what I need to work on…

Your love brings me a sense of calm….

You love causes me to wake up before day…

I want to spend the rest of my life experiencing your love,

Your love is supportive…the encouragement I have to fuel my greatest endeavors

Your love meets mine in the deepest depths…a place that hate can not travel

Your love is the power source of my greatness

My past almost caused me to miss out on Your love.

 Your love for me is so pure, I found myself afraid and unable to accept it…

The abuse of trust in past caused me to challenge Your love.

But Your love has washed away my past pain and been a present of the present that takes away my apprehensions of the future.

If we take the pain of the past into the future, our hearts can not heal.

 Your love is so special that I can not punish it with someone else’s mistakes.

Your love, nor mine is nowhere near perfect…but

Your love allows me to see the reflection of a God who is perfect ….

Your love teaches me not to seek perfections in our emotions but in our dedication…

Your love removes my former conditions….

Your love was molded from the heart of God who heard my plea for help as I stood in the low places alone

Your love for me drives out the small mishaps that you may do so that disappointment does not last forever

Your love reminds me that true love forgives and the same way that God has forgiven me for disappointing him, I must forgive you.

Your love is an awareness to me not to dwell on today’s problems but my undying commitment to you should start new tomorrow

Your love strips away my layers and the facades that others see…

Your love is the only reason I have given my “I do” to no one else …

Your love created and formatted the seeds I carried and the ones we pray to manifest...

Your love is a perfect pair to not only what I choose to do for you, but as we join and progress towards your dreams and desires, and as I stand beside you.

Your love has caused me to vow to never cause you any pain.

I ask God that MY love heals your heart

 I ask God to let my love encircle and engulf your heart so that everything else is removed and I can only meet YOUR love.

My love molds me into the person that you need me to be and the wife that I know I can be

 My love mends your brokenness and seals your unattended injuries.

My love for you is unconditional


My love is only half as complete without yours.

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