Wednesday, September 21, 2011


FIRST! Read the story of Dominique Frazier!!!!

On the Morning of September 16, 2011... I learned of a college student (like me).... in her 2nd year (like me) ...that was fatally stabbed to death by her roommate over the volume of music. I have never cried so hard. In my heart she was my sister, family member, and friend.  My university, Florida A & M was still fresh out of the grieving process after losing one of our own, Shannon Washington. Shannon was also stabbed.

You all can read the story for yourself but it needs to bring awareness to EVERYONE! Alexis Simpson, Dominique's killer and the young woman who has also lost her life in this case should not have EVER chosen this measure to solve their dispute.

We all have a responsibility to individually educate ourselves on preventative measures that can save lives and reduce heartache.

Why does it have to take someone's death to get me to open my eyes to this?

I have my own opinions about the case but as college students, Americans, African Americans, and concerned people we need to shout from the rooftops about the #STOPTHEVIOLENCE movement.

It all has to start somewhere:

Follow the forerunners of the Stop The Violence campaign on twitter, share your feedback and raise awareness and support locally of the movement.

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